Local Growing Groups

Community Gardens and Allotments

Great places to meet new people, learn from others, share tasks, enjoy beautiful surroundings and delicious food.

Market Gardens

Learn from experienced professional growers whilst supporting their business thrive. All farms here sell their organic vegetables and fruit to the public.

Supported Gardening

Therapeutic gardening projects offer extra support to people to enjoy all the benefits of growing: nurturing the land and themselves.

Surplus Projects

Collecting and delivering surplus fruit and veg from allotments, farm and gardens, and getting it to people who may most benefit.

Wildlife Projects

These projects have a particular emphasis on growing for biodiversity and nature regeneration in and around the city.


We are creating systems to share resources, information, events and trainings between people growing locally. Join the growers network..


We publicise local regenerative growing projects in the community, including opportunities to grow, glean, donate and buy local food. Find a local group..


We are exploring ways to support people into growing who might otherwise be excluded. And to develop a region where everyone can access organic locally-grown food to eat. Contribute to a food surplus project..


We host network events for local growers that stimulate collaboration and creativity on ideas and initiatives. Read more about the Growers Convention..


We support the start-up of new local food growing projects, through providing advice, training, resources and publicity. Would you like help to start a growing project? Get in touch..


Where much of the food we eat is grown in the surrounding area, so it’s fresh and has low food-miles.


Organic and restorative methods increase nature’s vitality and create a region rich in wildlife.


Where it’s easy to connect with other people growing and growers are a key part of the community.


Where everyone can get locally grown nutritious food, enjoy wildlife-rich places, and access land, resources and support for growing.


Where people from all backgrounds feel able to get involved in growing, and a wide variety of projects fit different needs and contexts.

Talk to us about local growing, get in touch!