Equipment to borrow

Fruit picker – Avon Gleaning Network

Apple Press – Transition Bath

Large apple press – Bath Organic Group, Victoria Park

Charcoal burner – Bath Organic Group, Victoria Park

Wheeled strimmer – Dry Arch, Bathampton

Brush cutter – Dry Arch, Bathampton

5ft wide diesel grass cutter (trailer needed) – Dry Arch, Bathampton

Arborist kit if qualified – Dry Arch, Bathampton

Broadfork – Undercliff Urban Farm, Bathwick

Hand tools – Alice Park Community Garden, Larkhall

2 Wheelbarrows – Alice Park Community Garden, Larkhall

2 Gas stoves – Alice Park Community Garden, Larkhall

2 Folding tables – Alice Park Community Garden, Larkhall

Bath has two ‘libraries of things’. Below is a list of gardening and events items held by each library, compiled July 2024. Please consult their websites for full and up to date lists

Borrow It

‘Borrow it’ is based at Timebank Plus on Twerton High Street. Items must be collected by the borrower. Sign-up at Timebank – bring photo ID – to become a member and to borrow – all for free.

Powered gardening equipment

Plug-in Lawnmower, rotavator, battery and plug-in strimmers, plug-in hedge trimmers, dehydrator.

Hand tools

Forks, spades, shovels, hoes, rakes, leaf rake, brooms, shears, bow saws, pruning saw, billhook, loppers, long handles loppers, edging shears, edging tool, sickle, axe, sledgehammer, trowel, unpowered lawnmower.


Large hot water urn, soup urn, gazebo, bunting, chocolate fountain, plastic 20-piece cup, bowl, plate & cutlery set.

Share and Repair

Share and Repair is on George Street, Bath city centre, with a bicycle delivery service or a loading bay outside the shop. There is a small fee per loan or a range of memberships for discounted or free borrowing.

Powered gardening equipment

Plug-in strimmers, 2 cordless strimmers, 5 plug-in hedge trimmers, 2 cordless hedge trimmers, 6 plug-in mowers, 3 plug-in shredders, electric secateurs, plug-in scarifier, 2 leaf blowers, 5 pressure washers, pond vacuum pump, plug-in dirty water pump, metal detector, work light, propogator, wildlife camera.

Hand gardening tools

Aerator, scarifier, leaf and grass collector, spreader, 3 spades, 2 shovels, 4 shears, edging shears, angled shears, extendable shears, 3 loppers, telescopic loppers, 2 axes, pick axe, cutter mattock, hoes, bulb planter, 2 leaf rakes, pot mover trolley, garden trolley, 2 wheelbarrows, 2 hoses, 2 mallets, post hole digger, post rammer/driver, spazzle, snow chains.


Portable grill, large cool box, floodlights, 4 camping of food up tables, 4 camping stools, 3 children’s camping chairs, pink parasol, windbreak, bunting, giant jenga, boules set, croquet set, quoits